Affordable Travel Tips in Indonesia You Need to Know!

Tips Travel di Indonesia

Affordable Travel Tips in Indonesia You Need to Know!

Located in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is the perfect country for those of you who want to travel and enjoy its natural beauty. One of the islands that is often visited by tourists is Bali. Bali presents the beauty of its beaches, and also many tourist attractions that can be visited with a partner or even family.


But before you visit Indonesia and other cities, Stay Indonesia wants to give you some tips that are safe for your wallet for those of you who want to visit Indonesia.


  1. Free and affordable attractions you can find

There are many ways to enjoy the wonders of Indonesia without spending a dime. With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia offers countless white sand beaches perfect for relaxing when jet lag sets in. 


Those looking for adventure can start surfing in the crystal clear waters around Bali or challenge themselves to a hike through the vast rainforests and stunning volcanoes that make up the country’s plains.


In Yogyakarta, you can admire the crafts and handiwork of local artisans, who don’t mind tourists stopping by to see their work, and travelers from all walks of life will be mesmerized by the Gamelan orchestras and Balinese dance performances that are often held at ceremonies and in hotels, resorts and restaurants.


Finally, when you arrive at your destination, look for free walking tours online, and look out for discounts on activities and events. Hiking, traveling, swimming, sunbathing, walking – all these free activities can be enjoyed in Indonesia.


  1. Affordable accommodation

Travel to Indonesia usually peaks in January, August, September and December, which means accommodation costs tend to increase in these months.


While you may be able to find cheap accommodation in places like Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, at US$5 per night, beware of more expensive destinations, such as Java, Flores and Raja Ampat. In Bali’s tourist areas such as Kuta, Legian, and Ubud, lodging can range from US$ 10 – US$ 100 a night, depending on where you stay in Bali.


  1. Plenty of affordable food to be found

One of the cheapest aspects of your stay in Indonesia is undoubtedly the food – as long as you enjoy local food. For the cheapest food, avoid the tourist hangouts. Instead, look for street vendors and markets that cater to the locals. Night markets like those in Sanur and Seminyak serve up a variety of traditional dishes at reasonable prices. And keep in mind that you can often bargain with vendors to agree on lower prices.


Hopefully some of the tips above can help you to save your budget if you want to come to Indonesia. For those of you who want to find info about Visa on Arrival Indonesia, Working Visa, Business Visa, and KITAS and others, you can contact Stay Indonesia via Whatsapp or DM to our Instagram.


Safe trip!


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