Facts About Business Culture in Indonesia

Every country must have a different culture. From various aspects, especially from the existing business culture, it is also different. In this discussion, we want to explain a little about the cultural business in Indonesia so that you understand when doing business in Indonesia.

Takes a Long Time to Negotiate

Most Indonesians take longer to make a business deal. Sometimes, they also need many meetings to discuss the issues they want to agree on. Why is this happening? Because Indonesians think things over carefully and wait for the right time to make a decision. And if their business partners apply pressure and ask them to decide quickly, Indonesians will feel that is a red flag.

Rules for Entering the Meeting Room

The business culture in Indonesia also has unwritten rules when it comes to entering a meeting room. Where the person with the highest position must enter the meeting room first, and then be followed by other employees. This is seen as a way of showing respect to superiors or people in higher positions.

Appearance in Business

Appearance is the number one thing that can show how professional they are in business. For this reason, many Indonesian companies require their employees to dress formally. However, female employees or workers are expected to dress appropriately and show humility which is an Indonesian cultural value. There are also several companies that provide uniforms that must be used by their employees.

Sharing Business Cards

Indonesians will usually exchange business cards before starting a meeting or meeting to connect with other business partners. The culture of the Indonesian people when receiving cards is also of great concern, where you must use your right hand to receive them, receiving with your left hand is considered impolite.

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