How to get a Visa on Arrival Indonesia?

How to get a Visa on Arrival Indonesia

Looking to Visit Indonesia?

With the world being so wide and big, we see a wide and big opportunity as well. Indonesia is one of the countries that has many islands and also beautiful scenery spread from Sabang to Merauke. This attracts many foreigners to come to Indonesia, not only for traveling, but even to live in Indonesia to work, study, and even marry an Indonesian.


But obviously, taking care of the documents to live in Indonesia is not as easy as opening a new page of a book. There are many things and requirements that must be prepared and known so that everything can run efficiently. Therefore, Stay Indonesia is the best agency and consultant you can find in Indonesia that can help you get the Visa or KITAS you want. But this time, we want to discuss more about Visa on Arrival. 


What is a Visa on Arrival?

If you have plans to come to Indonesia just to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature, Visa on Arrival is the perfect answer for you!


Visa On Arrival (VOA) is given to Foreign Citizens of the country, the government of a special administrative region of a country, and certain entities subject to a free Visit Visa on Special Arrival for Tourism stipulated under laws and regulations to stay in the Indonesian Territory. Granted with a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days which can be extended a maximum of 1 (one) extension for a period of 30 (thirty) days. If you want to extend your Visa on Arrival, you can contact the best visa service, Stay Indonesia.


What are the requirements of getting a Visa on Arrival?

Applying for a visa on arrival online can be done through the official website. Before filling out the form, make sure you have completed all the required documents. Namely:


  • Applicant’s biodata complete with a valid passport
  • Passport size photo and JPG/JPEG/PNG format
  • Email address, and
  • MasterCard, Visa, or JCB credit card that still has an active validity period.


What are the steps to apply for e-VOA?

  1. Use a browser on your laptop or browser application on your mobile device
  2. Continue by filling out the available form according to the requested data. Make sure the personal data entered is correct.
  3. After making sure all information is correct, proceed to the payment stage.
  4. Fill in the payment form details and make a payment by following the instructions provided.
  5. Wait for the verification process
  6. E-VoA will be sent directly to the registered email address.
  7. Download and print the e-VoA before your departure to Indonesia.
  8. The officer will scan the QR code listed on the e-VoA and after the verification process is complete, the e-VoA sticker will be affixed to the passport.


What nationalities that are eligible to use a Visa on Arrival?

Visa on Arrival now is available for Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hongkong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Palestine,  Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Timor Leste, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vatican, Vietnam.


And for more information, Kenya and Rwanda were officially added to the list of countries subject to the Visit on Arrival Visa, also known as Visa on Arrival, on Monday, February 27, 2023. The policy is stipulated through the Circular Letter of the Director General of Immigration Number IMI-0076.GR.01.01 Year 2023. Thus, there are currently a total of 89 countries, the Government of the Special Administrative Region of a State, and certain entities that are subject to the Indonesian Visa on Arrival.


How much does a Visa on Arrival cost?

The price of this visa is IDR 500,000 


What are the differences between e-VOA and regular VOA mechanisms?

Unlike the usual Visa on Arrival extension mechanism which is carried out at the immigration office, Electronic Visa on Arrival (e-VOA) can be directly extended online through the website Simply with a smartphone and internet network, Foreign Citizens (WNA) e-VOA users can take care of the extension, anytime and anywhere.


Foreigners who use e-VOA do not need to show the entry permit attached to their passport at the Immigration Checkpoint (TPI) in the arrival area of the airport, port or land crossing. The foreigner’s data is automatically recorded in the immigration system.


Meanwhile, ordinary Visa on Arrival applied for by foreigners on the spot at the airport/port arrival area can still be obtained. The availability of this facility is intended to facilitate foreigners who urgently or suddenly have to come to Indonesia and do not have internet network access.


For foreigners who use ordinary/conventional VoA who want to extend, the requirements that must be prepared are the entry mark in the passport and show the ticket to leave the area at the immigration office. Foreigners can extend their VoA at any immigration office throughout Indonesia.


Apply your Visa on Arrival to visit Indonesia or visit Bali Island for tourist purposes or just to meet your friends.  But if you come for other reasons, we provide many types of Visas / KITAS which of course you can make with Stay Indonesia. You can contact us now via Whatsapp or check our Instagram for more information! 


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