The Difference About Visa And Kitas

Difference About Visa And Kitas

When visiting abroad, we of course have to prepare a Visa to come to a country that is different from our place of origin. But we also have to know what visa is right for us to make, or whether we need a KITAS to come somewhere. 


So, what is the difference between Visa and KITAS? Check out this article to find out more!


A visa is a document issued by a country through a representative, which generally contains permission to enter and exit the country. This document is valid for a certain period of time and purpose.


If you imagine a visa in the form of a book like a passport, you are not quite right. The visa form is a stamp that will be stamped on the visitor’s original passport. Not only that, the visa can also be in the form of a sticker and attached to your passport sheet. Later, the sticker or stamp will be given an officer’s handwriting as a sign that the visa is valid and can be used. In addition, the visa has also been equipped with a hologram that serves to avoid acts of forgery from irresponsible individuals. The latest form of visa is a soft file, also known as an online visa. This document is usually sent via email. To get an e-visa, you simply need to register yourself through the website.


The content of the visa depends on each country’s policy. Some contain detailed information, while others are just a simple stamp. However, one thing that must be included in the visa is the destination of the country you want to visit. Basically, the function of a visa is as a permit to enter and exit a country. The existence of a visa also helps the region in maintaining security, visitors who do not have a visa are not allowed to enter to avoid acts of terrorism or criminality.


Meanwhile, KITAS stands for a Limited Stay Permit Card that must be owned by foreigners who are residing for certain reasons in Indonesia. KITAS applications are usually submitted to the head of the Immigration office or a designated Immigration Officer whose working area includes the foreigner’s residence.


Who must have a KITAS? 

In addition to foreign nationals who enter Indonesian territory on a limited visa, KITAS ownership also applies to children who at the time of birth in Indonesian territory whose father and / or mother are KITAS holders, skippers, crew members, or foreign experts on board ships, floating devices, or installations operating in Indonesian waters and jurisdictions, foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens, and children of foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens.


What is the KITAS period?

KITAS period is usually given for a maximum of 2 years, and can be extended provided that the overall Stay Permit in the Indonesian Territory is not more than 6 years. In addition, ITAS can also be given to foreigners to do work for a maximum period of 90 days and can be extended. The extension of ITAS is given for a maximum of 30 days provided that the overall stay permit in the territory of Indonesia is not more than 180 days.


If you want to make a VISA or KITAS, you can contact Stay Indonesia for more information via Whatsapp or Instagram DM. Because we are ready to help you make this document and realize your dreams in Indonesia.


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