The Difference Between Working Visa and Business Visa

Working visa and business visa

The Difference Between Working Visa and Business Visa

With natural beauty spread throughout the cities in Indonesia, many foreigners want to visit Indonesia. In fact, some of these foreigners do not only come for vacation, some even work, some are looking for investment in Indonesia, or bring their families to live in Indonesia.


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In this article, we would like to discuss the differences between Working Visa and Business Visa. We hope that through this article, you can understand the differences between these two visas and can make it according to your own needs.


A business visa in Indonesia gives permission to foreign nationals to visit and conduct business activities such as conducting business negotiations, participating in seminars or conferences, signing business contracts, and conducting other business activities.


However, business visa holders cannot carry out activities that generate money or other compensation, in the sense that a business visa is not a license to be able to work and cannot be used to look for work and accept job offers. In order to obtain a business visa in Indonesia, a sponsorship letter is also required for the visa to be approved.


Unlike a work visa or what is known as a KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card) where the visa holder can still work or accept work in Indonesia. This visa generally has a long period of time up to many years and is also called a semi-permanent, permanent residence permit or according to the length of the work contract. 


In order to obtain a work visa, sponsorship from an authorized company that employs foreign workers is also required and the company must first obtain a license.


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