Visa Agent

1. Indonesia Visa Agency

Work Visa

From applying to filling out forms, we can guide individuals requiring a work Visa through the process until the document had been legitimized by Indonesian regulatory firm. This type of Visa might benefit professionals alike such as expatriate, investor, consultant, or expert who already has a contract with company domiciled in Indonesia and scheduled to stay for a certain period of time.

Business Visa

A business Visa while being distinct from work Visa, are still required for business personnel visiting Indonesia for business purposes such as meeting, training, seminar, socio-cultural visits, or even tourism interest. A single-entry business Visa allows an individual to enter Indonesia once, while multiple entry allows for further visit during the whole Visa duration.
Study Visa

Study Visa

This Visa is granted to accompany a student for the whole education process, without granting the permit for formal job or business. Required for those who are enrolled to study in Indonesia, and granted after receiving a recommendation letter from the Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture.

Retirement Visa

It is a great idea to spend your retirement in Indonesia. Please be informed that to be granted this Visa, you must be at least 55 years old and able to fully support yourself. Retirement Visa doesn’t entitle you to work or conduct business in Indonesia.

Spouse Sponsored Visa

Apart from permanent residency or nationality change, there is also a spouse sponsored Visa to grant you permit to stay. This kind of Visa might be a choice if you are married to Indonesian residence and you choose to keep your current nationality.

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2. Legal Service


Complimented along with profound knowledge of law and regulations, we could guide you through company investment process in Indonesia. This includes establishing facility and applying for required permit.


We could also help your company on fields which are common to require certification in example from relevant chamber of commerce. Such as business on construction field, oil & gas, electrical components, or even start-up.

Export And Import

International trade of goods is one of many services that we offer along our professional legal services. Our clients are doing export and import within our guidance to make sure the trade is legal with minimum non-productive fees.

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