What is KITAS? Is it important?

What is KITAS? Is it important?


As we know, to enter a country not only requires a passport, but also requires a visa to enter a certain country.

Besides that, there are not a few people who just want to visit a country, but there are also some people who want to live in a country. Whether to go to school, work, or maybe there are certain businesses that must be taken care of in the country. Which could take months.

Therefore, in Indonesia itself, foreigners who want to come to Indonesia to work or stay for more than one, two, three months or more must make a KITAS. So now, the question is what is KITAS? Is it important?

Of course it is important! Because KITAS is a Limited Stay Permit Card. This card is intended for Foreign Citizens working in Indonesia so that they can stay in Indonesia (a kind of resident permit) and must be extended once a year. To get this card, you must have a job in Indonesia and be sponsored by the company where the foreign citizen works.

But not only that, KITAS can also function for family unification, intermarriage between Indonesian citizens and foreigners, study, investment, and even retirement.

Besides this Indonesian KITAS that is made manually, there is also an Online KITAS that you can make! What are the requirements and also how to get this KITAS?

You can contact Stay Indonesia, because we will help you from start to finish so that it is complete and you can live in Indonesia.


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