Company Profile

About us

The story began in 1994 by Sapto Susilo, the founder of PT. Mahameru Service. He started as a consultant for permit and formalities management. Currently Mahameru Service (now Stay in Indonesia) has grown into the leading Visa agency company in Indonesia. ​

Within the 26 years of operating in Visa permits services, Stay in Indonesia has helped thousands of expatriates move to, around or out of Indonesia. Facing the challenge of environment and culture, we help our clients to grow in Indonesia.​

Sapto Susilo as a founder of PT. Mahameru Service dedicated himself to provide the best quality services, efficient, and on time to the client. We do believe with integrity, discerning quality, and focus on client satisfaction, the key to become the leading service formalities in Indonesia is within grasp.​

Our Client

Business Segment

We divide our business segments into three types of services, Visa Services, Legal Services, and Consultancy.

Grow your business

Stay Indonesia will help you to grow your business in Indonesia. Since we are specializing on services in Formalities and Expatriate Management, we do believe that our customer priority can and should be helped with utmost care. ​We will handle your matters gently and our team will serve you as professional, trustworthy, and responsible manner as we can.

Our Vision

We dare to innovate​. We challenge ourself to provide what’s the best solution for our clients to grow up their business. We adapt to challenge ourself to face the new era of digital world.​ Our vision is clear and certain to be a leading, trusted, and active consultant in the global business environment through quality, systematic, and integrated services. ​We will assist our clients professionally, reliably, responsibly, and make customer satisfaction as our main priority.


Since we offer quality as our main priority, we have successfully assisted in the processing of hundreds of clients’ legal documents from various countries over the past 26 years. We have completed all client needs related to legal documents with a professional attitude and prioritizing service quality.​


We understand customer needs are very important. In Stay in Indonesia we build a team that is highly dedicated by upholding accuracy and speed as part of our professionalism.​ With a high spirit of integrity, we hope to be able to provide the best service to our customers without sacrificing trust or discretion.​

Customer Satisfaction

With more than 26 years of experience in Formality Services, we believe that customer satisfaction goes along with the goal we pursue. Providing the best service through unlimited pursue, honest and reliable communication, we are sure that we are able to provide the best results to meet our customer expectations.​