The New E-Visa

Everything You Need to Know About the New E-Visa

The E-Visa in Indonesia is now available! Stay Indonesia investigates what this means, why it was implemented, and how it affects new applications, as well as answering some of your most frequently asked questions!

The E-Visa is now available.

Following in the footsteps of several other countries that have implemented an electronic visa system, the Indonesian government has now implemented the Electronic Visa (E-Visa) to ease the visa process and make it easier than ever! The online system went live in October 2020 and is already outperforming the previous system.

Following the implementation of several policies relating to the temporary prohibition of foreigners from entering Indonesian territory, the government is now relaxing visa requirements for a number of visa applications. Currently, visas are only granted for Visitor Visas (index B211A, B211B, and B211C) and Temporary Stay Visas.

According to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia’s new updated regulation number 26 Year 2020, dated 1st October 2020, foreign nationals with a legal and valid visa and/or stay permit will be allowed to enter Indonesian territory through designated Immigration Border Controls after passing the health protocol.

Meanwhile, the Minister continues to suspend the provision of Visa on Arrival and Visa Exemption until the Covid 19 status is declared over by the Ministry or a national related agency.

In contrast, a single Visitor Visa, the Single Entry Visa, is still permitted for emergency and essential work, a business meeting, the purchase of goods, a probationary period for foreign workers, a medical, food, and humanitarian aid worker, and a crew member who joins the vessel in Indonesia.

The government allows the following uses for Temporary Stay Visa applications:

as a professional or expert who joins to work on ships, vessels, or installations operating in the Indonesian maritime zone, territorial sea, continental shelf, and Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone whose job is quality control of goods or products whose job is aftersales service who installs and repairs machines with a non-permanent work in constructions with a probationary period for skilled works an overseas investment.

Retirement travel for a family reunion The above-mentioned Visit Visa and Temporary Stay Visa applications must be submitted to the Director General of Immigration by the Indonesian Sponsor (DGI). Following approval, the visa can be issued electronically as an e-Visa.

Furthermore, this e-Visa is valid for foreigners who are currently residing in Indonesia (commonly known as Onshore application). Once your e-Visa is approved, you must go to the designated immigration office in your area.