Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali


When planning a vacation to Bali, the first thing you will look for is information about tourist attractions on the island of Bali. After you get information about interesting tourist attractions on the island of Bali, then you will discuss with your family, friends, your partner who you will take on vacation to Bali. If it’s your first time on the island of Bali, most likely, you will not know which tourist attractions in Bali are suitable for you to visit.


Through this article, we want to give you three recommendations of tourist attractions that you can visit if you go to Bali.


  1. Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud tourist attract ions have many choices of vacation objects and vacation activities such as Ayung Rafting. Of the many choices of attractions in Ubud, Ubud Monkey Forest is always a favorite tourist spot for tourists who first vacation to the island of Bali. 


Interesting things that tourists can see during a vacation to the Ubud Monkey Forest such as; protected forest area with very tall trees, tourists can see long-tailed macaques, in the Ubud Monkey Forest area there is a temple.


  1. Tegalalang Rice Terraces

In addition to white sand beach attractions, Bali tourism is also famous for having many terraced rice fields. There are two famous terraced rice fields in Bali. Namely, Jatiluwih terraced rice fields, and Tegalalang terraced rice fields. Because the location of Tegalalang terraced rice fields is close to the center of the Ubud Bali tourism area, making Tegalalang terraced rice fields more visited by tourists.


Interesting things that tourists can see or do in the Tegalalang terraced rice fields area such as: photos with the background of terraced rice fields, hanging out at one of the cafes with a view of terraced rice fields, available Bali swing activities in the Tegalalang terraced rice fields area, and trekking around the rice field area.


  1. Besakih Temple

Bali is famous for its many temples, but do you know the largest and most extensive Hindu temple on the island? The name of the temple is Besakih Temple. The location of the Besakih temple area is at the foot of Mount Agung, Karangasem district.


Visitors who vacation to Besakih Temple will see a very large temple area, magnificent architecture and beautiful areas. From the Besakih temple area visitors can also see views of rice fields and hills. The best time to visit is in the morning, because the fog has not yet descended. So you will be able to see the view of Mount Agung from the Besakih Karangasem Temple area.


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