What is a Single Entry Visa?

What is a Single Entry Visa?

If you want to take a vacation to Indonesia, or visit your family, friends, or even your partner in Indonesia, this Single Entry Visa is for you!

The question is, what is a Single Entry Visa?

Single Entry Visa is a document that is only valid for one visit. If you apply for a Single Entry Visa (211) you can stay in Indonesia for 60 days. Meanwhile, for a Visa on Arrival, you can stay in Indonesia for only 30 days. So, if after you return from the destination country, then return to your country of origin. You have to reapply if you want to return to the previous destination country, even though the single entry visa is still active and the validity period is still long.


You have to make this so that you can enter Indonesian immigration and you can meet your loved ones or even take a vacation and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia.

Then the next question, how do you make it?

Of course you can contact the Indonesian visa agency, one of which is Stay Indonesia via Whatsapp because we will answer it soon. And help your process from start to finish neatly.

See you in Indonesia!


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